Made in Italy



All the swimsuit models are designed by Federica and Michela.

Every Wat If item is produced in Italy and handmade to give them an authentic Italian artisan quality.

Moreover, this allows to significantly reduce CO2 emissions that would be caused by moving the production system to foreign countries.

All our business partners are chosen according to the way they work, what role sustainability plays in their manufacturing and whether they are willing to innovate production processes.




composition: 78% recycled PA - 22% EA

It is a regenerated nylon thread created from what no one uses anymore. Fishing nets and textile production waste, which would be destined for disposal, are recovered and turned into a new thread with the same features as nylon. It has exactly the same characteristics as a thread obtained from a virgin source, but it can be regenerated, recreated and reshaped over and over again.





composition: 80% recycled PA - 20% EA

A recycled polyamide fabric made of Q-Nova®️ yarns.

They’re fibres obtained reusing production waste regenerated through a mechanical process that doesn’t require the use of any chemical materials, limits CO2 emissions and water waste.